Me Time

Photo Credit: Mika Matin on Unsplash

Me time is the time spent focusing on oneself and only doing things one wants to do. Those might be reading, watching a show or a movie, walking, driving, etc. The main idea here is being by yourself, and that might be one of my favorite things in life. I’m not saying that I hate spending time with people, I enjoy hanging out with my friends too. But I really love being alone as well. 

Why do I love my me time? What do I actually do?

Well, I like to get myself a cup of coffee and cruise around in my car. I like to read books, watch YouTube videos and workout. I also like to walk, it helps me calm down. I really like the time I spend alone and I sometimes look forward to that. That happens when I am around people for a long periods of time. That’s when I miss my me time.  

That’s just who I am. I’m wondering if anyone else is the same or similar when it comes to spending time with themselves.

2 replies on “Me Time”

Hope and sure U R spending UR time really good. We always need it to be left alone and listen to the sound of the cella in our body to keep our mind. Good .

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